Your Structural Fabrication Partner for Bridge Railings

At PELET, we have been fabricating, welding, and finishing bridge railings for decades. In that time we have learned a thing or two about how to deliver on-spec, on-budget parts for these complex projects.

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So just what does it take to become the bridge railing fabricator of choice in the Mid Atlantic region?

We start with a commitment to quality that trickles down in everything we do. By combining talented fabricators, with detail-oriented support staff, in-house inspectors, and documented QA and QC processes – we are efficient with our production timelines and deliver on-spec and on-budget.

By doing quality work daily and consistently delivering jobs as contracted, we have built client relationships that are decades old. As a result, PELET has fabricated hundreds, if not thousands, of successful bridge railing installations over the years.

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