How To Tell If A Structural Fabricator Prioritizes Quality

When looking for a structural fabricator for your next bridge, transportation, or industrial project, consider a company that puts quality first. When you can trust the project is done to specification, it saves a great deal of time, effort, aggravation, and cost down the road.

A few considerations when looking for a fabrication partner who does quality work:

1. They Welcome Third-Party Inspectors
Some shops don’t want to open their doors to third-party inspectors, and some don’t even want to open their doors to their clients. At PELET, we take the opposite approach. We know that in order to build trust we need to be an open book and let our clients and their inspectors do what you do best – monitor the quality of our work to make sure it meets the highest specifications.

2. They Have AISC Certifications
This is a big one. AISC certifications mean your fabricator meets exacting industry standards for quality and excellence. At PELET, we’re proud to offer certifications in Simple Steel Bridges, Major Steel Bridges, and Convention Steel Bridges – including the Fracture Critical Endorsement. Also, we have Sophisticated Paint Endorsement for Exposed, Covered, and Enclosed spaces.

3. They Have QC and QA Processes
Some fabricators have skilled welders, experienced machine operators, and detail-oriented support staff but lack a defined process to manage the quality of their work. PELET’s Quality Assurance processes verify and document our work; while our Quality Control processes encure each of our projects meets specifications. Without defined processes, it’s not easy to do consistent work, and without consistent work it’s not easy to deliver jobs correctly.

4. They Have Dedicated, In-house Inspectors on Staff
Beyond trained machine operators, defined processes, and industry certifications, the ultimate check for quality work is whether or not a fabricator has in-house quality control personnel on staff. At PELET, we not only have our own certified welding inspectors on staff, we also host PennDot, DelDot, and DRBA inspectors in our facility. On a weekly basis PELET has teams of clients, our own inspectors, and government inspectors working hard to make sure completed jobs are accurate to the highest industry standards.

If you’re looking for a structural fabricator that puts quality first, contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!


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