When it comes to designing and fabricating transportation and utility infrastructure, PELET has the experience to deliver quality work on time, on spec, and on budget. Regardless of complexity, PELET holds the certifications and has the experience to move your project to the next phase without delay.

A few of our projects for Transportation and Utility Applications:

  • Railroad Safety Posts
  • Wind Bracing
  • Boardwalks
  • Pedestrian Plazas
  • Train Depot Revitalizations
  • Catwalk
  • Bridge Railings
  • Riverwalks
  • Highway Signage
  • Utility Supports
  • Conduit Supports
  • Ductwork

STRUCTURAL FABRICATION for Transportation and Utility Projects

The transportation and utility industry has changed dramatically since we got our start in 1954, however, the PELET commitment to quality has not. Our shop of heavy-duty fabrication machinery, in-house QC/QA inspectors, and rigorous AISC standards allows our fabricated solutions to exceed the industry’s standards for quality. You can trust that your partnership with PELET will help your project stay on time, on spec, and on budget.

WELDING for Transporation and Utility Projects

High-quality weldments make the difference between success and a failed, late project. PELET’s highly trained team includes AWS-certified welders using fully calibrated equipment for perfect welds – every time. Whether it is in-house or on-site, our team will exceed your expectations with the toughest welding challenges.

FINISHING for Transportation and Utility Projects

When it comes to finishing, PELET is not done until each component is finished to your specification: be it sandblasting, painting, and/or galvanizing. PELET has the facilities, the tools and the quality control processes to give your transportation or utility project a perfect finishing touch!

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